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Haris Tsilikas

Senior Consultant

Barer Strasse 1
80333 Munich, Germany

Direct Line: +49 89 2153 8235
Mobile: +49 176 7268 9932

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Haris Tsilikas

Senior Consultant

Haris Tsilikas LLM has been advising clients on IP and competition law issues in standardisation for over 11 years. As both a doctoral researcher with Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition and an independent lawyer and consultant, he has developed extensive experience regarding standards development organisations (SDOs) and competition law (particularly governance aspects).

Haris has received a number of awards in the field of competition law and IP both in Germany and in the United States.

Relevant experience

  • Advising a major telecommunications company on SDO IP policy issues, including patent declarations to SDOs.
  • Assisting with the determination of FRAND compensation for standard essential patents.
  • Advising on the availability of injunctive relief in the context of licensing negotiations.
  • Preparing comparative advice in relation to regulatory frameworks for standardisation (EU Regulation 1025/2012, US SDOAA, ANSI Essential Requirements, WTO TBT Agreement).
  • Preparing submissions in response to various government and European Commission calls for comments regarding IP and competition policy.

Career and qualifications


  • Haris Tsilikas LLM is a qualified lawyer admitted to the Athens Bar Association in Greece (“Dikigoros”)
  • Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (LLM), Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre, Germany (Oehm Prize)
  • Master of Commercial Law (LLM), University of Bristol, United Kingdom (with Distinction)

Awards and citations

Thomas Edison Innovation Law and Policy Fellowship (2021-2022), Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property, United States. 

Oehm Prize, Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre (2015).



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