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Eleftheria Stefanaki


Eleftheria Stefanaki LLM focuses on intellectual property law, with a particular focus on standardised technologies.

Having worked in an award-winning Greek law firm with international exposure, she has extensive experience in general commercial and intellectual property cases in several industries including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, media, gaming and automotive. Her experience also includes major patent litigation cases before the Greek Courts.

During her post-graduate studies in Munich, Eleftheria focused on the interplay between intellectual property law and competition law for globally relevant and cutting-edge technologies. Her Master’s Thesis pertained to standardisation of medical and non-medical in the context of the Internet of Things. While undertaking a role as researcher for a multinational telecommunications company, she  further developed her expertise addressing intellectual property matters arising from standardisation .

Relevant experience

Eleftheria has broad litigation and pre-litigation experience, having prepared actions and subsequent legal documents requesting injunctive relief and damages due to infringement of IP and competition law, as well as rebutting patent invalidity claims. She has also assisted in client consultations on general commercial law matters. Through this, Eleftheria has developed experience in complex intellectual property law matters. She is a great team asset, which is enhanced by her positivity and problem-solving skills.

Career and qualifications

Eleftheria Stefanaki LLM is a qualified lawyer admitted to the bar in Greece (“Dikigoros”).

Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LL.M. IP), Munich Intellectual Property Law Center, Germany

Member of the Rechtsanwaltskammer für den Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk München

Awards and citations


“The Internet of Bodies could save many lives but risks failing without standards”, in IAM, 2021


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