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Dr Agne Andrijauskaite


Dr Agne Andrijauskaite has expertise in European Union law and regulation. She gained significant practical experience in these areas during her work in the judicial system, covering various matters arising under competition law, data protection and privacy, taxation, human rights and State liability.  Her work now has a particular focus on intellectual property and competition law.

During her PhD studies, Agne focused on regulatory sanctions including those which may be imposed on the legal persons. She is co-author of a seminal book on good governance in Europe published by Oxford University Press.

Having successfully conducted a large-scale pan-European research project, Agne has gained extensive project management experience working in cross-cultural environments.

Relevant experience

In addition to her extensive experience on the application of European Union law, Agne has examined a number of international and regional instruments relating to trade, investment and dispute resolution. This includes GATT, the WTO TRIPS Agreement, ICSID, various bilateral free trade agreements, the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and UNCITRAL Rules on Transparency.


Agne has also gained an understanding of law and policy making at various levels, having undertaken an International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS) for a traineeship in the German Bundestag and during completion of her Master of European Union Law (LL.M) at the University of Hamburg (Europa-Kolleg)(Germany).

Career and qualifications

Agne has held previous positions as a Research Associate at the German University of Administrative Sciences and the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Speyer, as Assistant to the President at the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, and as Judicial Assistant at the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania.

Awards and citations


Research Network on EU Administrative Law (ReNEUAL)

Legal and Governance Qualifications

PhD Student in Law (Cotutelle), German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer (Germany) and Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Master of European Union Law (LL.M), University of Hamburg (Europa-Kolleg)(Germany)

Master of Law, Vilnius University (Lithuania)


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  • “The Principle of Legality and Administrative Punishment under the ECHR: A Fused Protection” in 13 Review of European Administrative Law 4, 2020, 33–51
  • Co-author: Good Administration and The Council of Europe: Law, Principles and Effectiveness (Oxford University Press, 2020), 960 p.
  • Co-author: “Administrative Silence in Lithuania: Case Law and Data from the Administrative Oversight Institutions” in D. Dragos, P. Kovač and H. Tolsma (eds.), The Sound of Silence in the European Administrative Law: Legal and Empirical Insights in Selected Jurisdictions (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), 459–492
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